Lumos Smart e-Bike Helmet The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

Posted on October 11 2018

Lumos Smart e-Bike Helmet The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

By Dusty Westafer, Store Manager

This helmet is an award winner. The London Design Museum awarded Lumos the top prize in the transport category beating out Tesla Model 3. The blend of safety, modern looks, visibility and safety definitely puts this one in a league of its own!

I’ve been wearing this helmet for a little over a month and have been pleased with it’s look and fit. However, if you’re trying to be low-key, this might not be the helmet for you as it’s bright lights and distinctive style definitely draw attention, comments, and / or questions. On the other hand, that’s how you know how effective this helmet is for visibility!

At first glance, upon opening the box and seeing the proprietary charge cable, the button pad, and manual, you might worry that it’s a bit complicated. Luckily, that turned out not to be true. While it is interesting they went with their own charger type vs a more standard Micro USB or USB-C option, it does make a bit of sense as this type of cord will just disconnect instead of bending or breaking a connection. The button pad uses the same charger as well. The pad will rest on the handlebars being strapped on with some stretchable rubberband type material and do not require anything additional to connect to the helmet - they just work! Using it couldn’t be more simple: L for left turn signal and R for right turn signal and click the button again to turn off the blinkers. They appear as triangle shaped arrows on the back and change the color of half of the lights on the front when activated.

The fit is pretty comfortable, despite a little extra weight from the electronics and is designed to work for a pretty good range of head sizes 54-62cm. The adjustment system is simple and easy to use though it does not provide some of the flexibility that some helmets do. Pearl white, charcoal black, and cobalt blue colors are available as well as an updated variation with the MIPS system coming soon.

I’ve found the battery life to be quite reasonable - usually about 3 hours of ride time or so. Charging takes about half of that time. Remember, the lights on the helmet do not provide enough lighting to use on it’s own without another light for the front / ground though they are definitely enough to be noticed by other riders or drivers. Simply stated, if others sharing the road do not notice you with this on, then their driving or riding privileges should be revoked!

Other areas of interest beyond the lights and turn signals would be the ability to run the lights as solid or flashing, automatic warning light (the rear light gets brighter as you stop - Lumos is providing firmware updates to dial this in), the app for your phone (which allows you to monitor your battery life as well as your ride), and various integrations with other apps and platforms such as Strava and Apple Watch.

All in all, I’ve been quite happy with the helmet, and the comments I’ve received on it! It’s certainly not the least expensive helmet out there, but I feel that if I can avoid even one more person hitting me then that’ll pay for itself in no time. That’s the wrap-up until next month!



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