New Yamaha Wabash Electric Gravel Bike for 2019

Posted on November 28 2018

New Yamaha Wabash Electric Gravel Bike for 2019


Are e-gravel bikes the next wave of the future?



Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, is unveiling an all-new Power Assist Bicycle prototype called the Wabash today at the Interbike Expo. This all-new model is designed and developed for adventure rides, and specifically for the U.S. market targeting the hottest category in cycling – gravel bikes – within the industry’s biggest growth segment – electric bicycles (e-Bikes).

“The Wabash is the best new gravel e-Bike designed and developed for cycling adventures over whatever terrain you come across – hard surfaces, dirt, and gravel,” said Drew Engelmann, Yamaha’s Power Assist Bicycle group sales and marketing manager. “You’ll be able to take this Wabash adventure gravel bike just about anywhere, and we expect riders will really appreciate the versatility and performance that make this a popular and rapidly expanding segment.”




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