The Riese & Muller Load: A Product Review

Posted on October 11 2018

The Riese & Muller Load: A Product Review

Confessions of a Compulsive Bicycle Commuter

By: Scott Hendrickson, Sales Associate

Cargo Bikes are all the fashion now. Their albatrossian appearance is commonplace in Europe where function drives fashion and both seem to be step ahead of us, but we’re rapidly catching on and catching up.

They vary in price with The Load costing over nine thousand dollars. That’s >$9000.00USD in accounting syntax. What? NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a BIKE? Are you kidding?

No,  I am not kidding.  It’s worth every penny and here’s why:

Every detail of the bike is refined to enhance useability. Getting the kids into and out of the bucket, even with the cover on, is easy and intuitive. There is enough cargo capacity to do a Costo run. Handling is fun and effortless. Body position is upright yet efficient. Bosch mid-drive power is reliable and predictable.  

Unlike other cargo bikes where your loved ones are, literally, chinched in a pine box, the Load features a five point restraint system and surrounds them with structural steel that would penetrate rather than collapse upon impact.

The full suspension system does the best job of keeping the tires in contact with the road in all riding conditions of any bike I have ridden. And that is a lot of bikes.  It doesn’t just absorb bumps but rather enhances safety while amplifying the fun. I didn’t do anything dangerous with the bike but I did execute some maneuvers that I would typically not do with the Grandkids on board. The fact is, the bike worked so well if they had been on board their feedback would have been, “Woo Hoo Grandpa!!! Do that again!!!”.

You can get a good used minivan for $9k but the Load doesn’t need you to keep feeding it gas and oil and tires and repairs and tolls and tickets and insurance. Every family is different but the savings is undeniable and documentable. Cars are an expense item, bicycles pay dividends.  Add in the exercise. Delete the carbon emissions. A win for you. A win for your family. A win for your planet.


The safest, most convenient and most invigorating way to move your load through life.  My face is sore from smiling so much while riding this bike.


U-turning requires some planning, practice and an extra meter of radius. (This becomes a ‘Likes’ when you get good at it).


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