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      May we present ... the LTD ST2. Bare metal, rivets, black components. A heck of an e-bike. Truly beautiful. And truly rare: there are only 555 LTD ST2s in the world. Every single one bears a numbered badge on the brushed aluminum frame. The LTD ST2 makes a real impression and will certainly get you a huge amount of respect on the road. And the best thing? As rebellious as it looks, its manners are impeccable when it comes to range, performance and comfort. Its battery will last up to 180 kilometers, while its powerful motor will let you sail serenely through the asphalt jungle at up to 45 km/h. And should it attract more than just envious looks, the comprehensive connectivity means you have it under control everywhere and at all times. But that’s enough talking for now. Test ride?

      All 555 e-bikes are equipped with a Brooks saddle – a limited edition of the model Cambium C17 as well as with Cambium Comfort grips. Brooks England is one of the highest quality leather saddle manufacturers in the world and has been in business since 1866. Sitting comfort is guaranteed.

      Every owner receives a Swiss Sigg bottle that matches the LTD ST2. It is made out of a single piece of high-quality aluminum and is thus very light and stable.


      The LTD ST2 is a true rarity, with only 555 being produced.

      The innovative technology of the ST2 in detail.

      Strong connection between e-bike, rider and Stromer.
      Operate the ST2 via the app on your smartphone or via the touchscreen integrated into the frame of the ST2.

      Depending on battery, ride a distance of up to 180 kilometers (100 miles).
      Recharging, via the charging socket directly on the ST2 or in the office or at home with the battery removed from the bike.

      Perfectionism is when it’s not visible.
      The finishing touches include cables that are routed out of sight inside the frame. Fully integrated design, only from Stromer.

      Never need to break sweat.
      The powerful drive gives you dynamic acceleration. Conquer hills with a smile on your face instead of beads of sweat. After all, the ST2 is powered by the SYNO Drive motor. And you decide for yourself how much assistance you want from the Stromer. There are three modes to choose from. 

      Clever components make all the difference.
      The ST2 has a highly exclusive carbon fork, for instance. That increases ride comfort and absorbs impact.


      Fascinating figures.

      CLASS 3 (US)
      Motor SYNO Drive*
      Supported speed up to 45 km/h (28 mph)
      Output 500 W
      Torque 40 Nm
      Frame colors Black, White
      Frame sizes Sport 17", 20", 22"
      Comfort 17", 20"
      (Comfort 20": Available in Europe)
      Fork Stromer ST2 carbon fork
      Brakes Magura MT4 Next e
      Drivetrain Shimano, 20-speed
      Crank FSA, 52 X 36T
      Rear Cogs Shimano 11-34T
      Headlight Stromer custom Supernova
      Rear light Busch+Müller Toplight Mini
      Daytime running light Integrated Stromer daytime running light
      Fenders Stromer custom aluminium
      Carriers Stromer custom Racktime
      Tires Schwalbe BigBen Green Guard 26x2.15
      Saddle Stromer custom, Sport/Comfort
      Connectivity Yes

      Strong arguments.

      The gold battery is standard equipment on the ST2. Optionally, if you decide to take the BQ983 Battery (Blue) you can ride up to 180 kilometers (110 miles).

      BATTERY BQ814 BQ983 (optional)
      Range 50-150 km (up to 90 mi) 60-180 km (up to 110 mi)
      Energy 814 Wh 983 Wh
      Voltage 48 V 48 V
      Weight 4,7 kg (10,2 lbs) 4,8 kg (11 lbs)
      Upgrade BQ983
      Upgrade BQ983


      Always up to date.

      Our cloud-based Omni platform is reassuring and provides a configuration service for every aspect of your e-bike. You can easily use the accompanying Stromer OMNI app on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can also make precision adjustments to the motor or check the service status. The most reassuring aspect is the fully integrated anti-theft protection. If your Stromer is switched on, the prospects for thieves aren’t good. As soon as someone moves your locked e-bike, the motor is blocked and you are alerted of the incident by text message. And the automatic software updates on the Stromer e-bike are unique.

      For BEST pricing - call us at 720.746.9958!

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