City Commuter Black Edition 28" 48v 10ah high step

$ 4,195.00

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      • A tricked-out city bike with some cruiser styling and lots of comfort features, adjustable air suspension fork, adjustable seat post shock, adjustable stem, and swept-back handlebar
      • Everything is black on this ebike, even the suspension stanchions! this helps the motor, battery, and wires blend in, I especially like the sturdy fenders and chain cover to help keep you clean
      • Available in three frame sizes, both high-step and step-thru, as well as 28" wheel size or smaller 26" which makes the bike approachable for people who aren't as tall, quality tires with reflective stripes, integrated lights
      • The rack-mounted battery is accessible but makes the bike rear heavy, it's removable and comes with a faster three amp charger, USB charging port on the display, great dealer availability (all over the world) and solid 2 year  warranty
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