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e-BIKE KIT Front Wheel Trike System 10-20 Mile Range 14mph w/ 36v Lead Battery Front Wheel E-TrikeKit

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Product code:ETKF3612

Built specifically for upright adult tricycles with heavy-duty motor designed for increased torque. Upgraded in 2015 to include LCD dashboard and 36v/48v 12FET controller giving the rider total control over top speeds and power output.

E-TrikeKit™ Adult Tricycle Conversion Kit
with Heavy-Duty (Low Speed / High Torque) 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor
36 Volt 12 Amp Hour (AH) Lead-Acid Battery Pack and 2 Amp Charger

The E-TrikeKit electric tricycle conversion kit with 36v lead-acid battery pack is specifically made with increased pulling power for heavier adult tricycles.

Who's it for? This kit is built specifically for upright adult tricycles. The heavy-duty direct-drive motor is designed for increased torque and a lower top speed. This kit also has speed-limited reverse (30% of forward top speed). Paired here with a more affordable lead-acid battery pack, this trike conversion system offers an economical option for those seeking moderate performance and some increased distance with the 12ah capacity battery.

The E-TrikeKit™ is designed specifically for adult tricycles.
Upgraded in 2015 to include our LCD dashboard display, 36v/48v 12FET controller, speed-limited reverse function, and locking e-brake handles, the system is easy to install and operate and gives the rider total control over top speeds and power output. This trike specific conversion kit allows you to turn any conventional 3-wheel adult tricycle into an electric-assisted adult mobility tricycle.

System Specs:

Watts (Nominal/Peak): 500w/750w (EBK 22amp controller)
Top Speed: Approx. 14 MPH @36v in 26" wheel (4MPH Reverse)
Range: 10-20 Miles
Charge Time: 4.5hrs (0-100%)
Weight: 41lbs (18.60kg)
Performance: Medium
Efficiency: Low
Stealth Factor: Low

Sealed Lead-Acid (often referred to as "SLA") batteries provide a reliable battery option at a low price point. SLA battery packs are the most affordable option but they are also the heaviest option. Lead-Acid batteries have a much lower weight to power ratio than lithium-based batteries and far less the number of charge cycles (how many times a rechargeable battery can be charged from 0-100%). The performance of lead-acid is low; as the pack is spent, the performance is lessened. The lead-acid battery costs less initially, but over time, the "cost-per-cycle" is almost double the cost of li-ion. SLA packs should be charged immediately after each use.

Choosing Your Wheel Size: You can find your wheel size written on your tire. Available size options for this conversion kit are: 20", 24", 26", 700c & 29er. Acceptable tire widths for the E-BikeKit rims: 1.15"(29mm) - 2.25"(57mm).


Brand: Electric Bike Technologies
Type: Direct-Drive (gearless, brushless, disc brake compatible)
Power: 500w nominal / >750w@36v
Cable: 8" axle exit, 3-phase / 5 hall effect
Connector: Round 8-pin 5/8" (14.7mm)
Weight: 13lbs (5.90kgs)
Warranty: 2 Years (up to 48v - 600lb max load)


Brand: Electric Bike Technologies
Chemistry: Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA)
Voltage: 36 Volts
Capacity: 12 Amp Hours
Dimensions: L 10.5" (267mm) x W 6" (152mm) x H 3.75" (95mm)
Weight: 27lbs (12.25kg)
Operating Voltage: 42-30 Volts
Max Discharge Current: 40 Amps
Max Charge Current: 5 Amps
Charge Cycles: 150-250 Cycles
Warranty: 6 Months

Every E-TrikeKit conversion kit comes with all of the parts you'll need for your conversion.

1 x USA hand-built wheel w/ disc-brake compatible hub motor
1 x 36/48V compatible 22amp 12FET brushless motor controller
1 x LCD dashboard with on/off, battery indicator & 5-level top speed control
1 x Throttles (split-twist w/ reverse button)
2 x Locking e-brake handles (left & right)
1 x Motor cable
1 x Accessory cable
1 x Battery wire harness (kits w/o batteries only)
1 x Owner's manual w/ installation guide
***Zip Ties, c-washers & torque arms in every kit!

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